Our History


The business started with TJ vd Merwe and HC vd Merwe in 1958, as they were  a sub agent  for VW, Wartburgh and Borgwardt. Shell fuel products sold at 6 Struwig street Warrenton. Shell  later changed to BP as product.

From 1958 to 1966 , the Tom vd Merwe PTY LTD did business in Mining, Truck Transport, Furniture retail and Garage products. In 1964 the Tom vd Merwe PTY LTD received Datsun where the previous products have been halted due to import problems. In September 1966, the company got a full franchise for Chrysler from Celmanca as a add on to the Datsun franchise. In 1966, Paul Andries vd Merwe Burger and Anna Susanne vd Merwe got married, on 8 October 1966. For the full year of 1967 only 4 Valiant Rebel cars were sold to Mr Stephen Deetlefs, Mr. Corry Human, Mr Bouker and Mr. David Erasmus.

Paul Andries vd Merwe Burger resigned in February 1968 from Standard Bank Head Office in Johannesburg and situated himself in the town called Warrenton where the business under the ownership and management of his  late father in-law TJ vd Merwe. Here he worked at Premier liquor store and quickly decided he should do something else. He then moved to the garage section called Moderne  Motors.

In 1970 they started with panel beating work as an addition to the Chrysler and  Datsun  dealership.

1970/1971 Chrysler remained at 6 Struwig Street and it was decided  to relocate Datsun to a new location, Magrieta Prinsloo street and another  Shell agency was  added under the name of Paulana Motors.


From the Marriage of Paul and Anna Burger were  four children born, Gerrit, Claudia, Tommie  and Hannes Burger. The business then received  a new name in 1978, namely PA vdM Burger Motorhawens PTY LTD, trading as Moderne Motors (Chrysler and BP) with a panel beater at 6 Struwig Street  and Paulana Motors (Datsun, Shell) to Magrieta Prinsloo Street Warrenton.

In 1981 Auto Spares a tire , firearm dealer and BP garage at Uys Street Warrenton was bought from Mr Vorster.  In 1997 the business was relocate to, Burger Motors Complex up to date.

In 1983 the business of Dr Zeilinga, Mr. Turner and Mr. HW Payne know as Protea Motors Caltex petrol station and the buildings from Dr. D Flemming, was sold to PA vdM Burger Motorhawens PTY LTD and is called Burger Motors till today.

In 1990, the Burger Motors complex building and the Chrysler who was Peugeot  and Colt and then MMI (Mazda and Mitsubishi) who eventually became Mazda was moved to Warrenton at Erasmus Street at the new complex.


By this time the kids got their own interests and the Dallas from Paul Burger disappeared. Paulana Motors was bought by Gerrit Burger in 1997, Auto Spares by Tommy Burger in 1997 and Mr. Boebie van Dyk and his children bought the Moderne Panel beating in Struwig Street Warrenton in 1997 the mother building.


As business took its course and business interests have changed Tommy Burger and Hannes Burger management gradually began to take over. In 1999 the merging of Mazda and Ford, Moderne Motors has no other choice, but  to work with Ford SA. In 2003 there was decided to rent a part of Gerrit Burger building in Hartswater and with the consent of FORDSA  the total business in 2008 moved from Warrenton to Hartswater with Moderne Motors dealership, Cnr Station Street and Harstweg Hartswater.

Paul Burger  bought a retirement farm, and soon it became a business on its own and Hannes Burger then moved to the farming section. Paul Burger  managed the business until 13 April 2013, on his 80th birthday, he gave over management to his two sons.

Moderne Motors is presently managed by Tommy Burger and his team.